Project, Alignment
& Recovery

Did you know that almost half of all projects in business fail to attain their originally intended goals?

Reasons for this can include evolving or changing business needs, market evolution, market recession, or a misalignment somewhere between the project’s inception and delivery. Speed bump or major barrier, we can help.

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Project Based Services

  • End-to-end initiative diagnosis, recovery, and optimization
  • Business Case review and alignment with initiative objectives
  • Scope assessment and alignment with initiative objectives
  • Leadership assessment and expectations alignment
  • Governance Model review, refinement, and streamlining
  • Delivery framework and processes assessment/adjustment
  • Delivery team talent assessment with practical recommendations
  • Vendor management optimization

The Valstroom Difference

“I could not more strongly recommend Valstroom. They were absolutely critical to a very successful transformation of our Information Services department. We worked with them to define our vision, roadmap and supporting execution plan – and it has paid off. We have bridged the gap that we previously had between IS and our business partners, we have a much more empowered and high performing enterprise, and we have truly transformed our culture! Thank you Valstroom.

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