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At Valstroom, we’re more than just project management consultants. Our experts are here to assist organizations in entrepreneurial innovation, digital transformations, and rapid market change adaptability; all provided in a high-quality, cost-sensible manner that will keep your team(s) on the right track and always one step ahead of the competition.

Unlike other consultants or management professionals who extend or wear out their welcome, our experts prefer to seamlessly integrate with your teams to build on their knowledge and know-how and achieve delivery excellence.

Then, when the finish line is crossed, your project is 100% handed back to the now-enhanced hands of your teams.

Your remorse? That you didn’t find us sooner.

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Project Management, Recovery & Alignment in 4 Steps

Our highly adaptable, immediately effective experts combine the art of entrepreneurial knowledge with the science of technological adaptability and business expertise to advise and guide teams at any stages of their projects, programs or portfolio management.

Plus, they’ll work with you to build on existing client-staff capabilities while getting your team over the finish line with high-quality, high-value end products so that when we transition everything back to you, it’s in the best, now-enhanced hands – yours.

Working with Valstroom

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We deploy a specialized team of 2-5 experts to audit and assess the project/program and roadblocks at hand.

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We create a roadmap, fix the issues, and run the project/program on your behalf.

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We transition the project/program over to your well-prepared team, moving on to our next mission.

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