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Turn Ideas into Tangible Realities

When you’re trying to align project workflow and outcomes to the needs and objectives of multiple stakeholders, it’s easy to lose sight of the primary goal. Guided by the Cost of Delay and Flow metrics, we ensure positive, pragmatic results, stemming from a clearly articulated, scenario-based financial plan that justifies the project’s existence and keeps delivery teams focused on the envisaged qualitative and quantitative benefits.

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Our Value Delivery Approach:

  • Business Case research and development
  • Probable Value Stream design and alignment to test OKRs and KPIs
  • Feasibility studies for seed capital
  • Value at Risk measurement
  • Financial Impact Sensitivity Analysis

The Valstroom Difference

“I could not more strongly recommend Valstroom. They were absolutely critical to a very successful transformation of our Information Services department. We worked with them to define our vision, roadmap and supporting execution plan – and it has paid off. We have bridged the gap that we previously had between IS and our business partners, we have a much more empowered and high performing enterprise, and we have truly transformed our culture! Thank you Valstroom.

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