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Credit Card Client

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A Top 5 Canadian Financial Institution (the client) had kicked off an initiative to outsource its credit card processing to a global payments processor. During the planning phase, a new credit card portfolio was acquired from another financial institution and required integration with the outsourcing plan.

The migration timeline on the acquisition contract of the new credit card portfolio did not align with the timeline originally set on the outsourcing contract with the global payments processor. The assigned delivery sponsor did not own the accountable technology development teams and was not empowered by the line of business to drive the delivery priorities and plan. Multiple teams across the business and technology organizations provided status reports on their unique work packages, with no end-to-end integration and perspective.

We were engaged to join a SWAT team accountable for the rescue and recovery.

Valstroom Actions

  1. Analyzed and conducted workshops to update the integrated end-to-end delivery plan re-sequencing the releases to meet the acquisition contractual obligations.
  2. Identified the critical path, internal and external dependencies, key success factors, and critical risks and issues.
  3. Introduced transparency through streamlined status reporting based on hard facts, surfacing the key challenges to the executive team for appropriate action.
  4. Introduced and managed a transparent risks and issues process that provided an integrated view enabling executives to make time-critical decisions.
  5. Coached and supported Senior Project Managers in resolving schedule dependencies, conflicts, and escalating risks and issues to the executive team.


An integrated view of the initiative was created and priorities were re-aligned to incorporate the acquisition scope into the plan, enabling executives to gain a complete perspective of the delivery timeline to renegotiate applicable clauses in the contract with the global payments processor.

The transparency introduced into the day-to-day delivery management enabled the executive team to make timely decisions and ensured the migration of the newly acquired credit card portfolio met the contractual obligations, avoiding hefty penalties.

A Valstroom leader was selected as one of the key resources to participate in a wider restructure and recovery effort championed by the Bank’s CTO and Senior Executives.

Upon completion of the restructur

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